" nile air tools" make pneumatic Air Cutters( Nippers) Merry Brand Hand Tools are well known world wide for many decades. " Press Button" will instantly open up www.argosys-robottics.com.
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Merry Brands ​Hand Tools! ISO 9001
Certified. Well Known Worldwide for many decades. All kinds of Hand Tools!
MP Type, Heavy-duty
 Nile makes Air cutters  for Cutting,  Squeezing, Pressing, Bending and Punching jobs.
MR Type Cutters
Desk Top Wire Stripper,CST 100H95
MR-type Cutters are for
​standard use. The functions are same as MP-types.
 We are the largest stock distributor of "nile air tools and Merry Brand hand tools in the North America. ​Video on " Home Page".
Nipper Clamp
 The nipper clamps come in three sizes: for 45 mm, 56 mm, and 75 mm
diameters of round body nippers.
How to use nipper clamp and accessories
 Depend on the shape of molded plastic parts. You need to figure out how to postion the cutter blade and other parts to secure the nipper.
​Stand-Holders for machine-Installations
We stock many types of nipper clamp
accessories for your pojects.We will be happy to assit you in selecting the proper parts.
De-gating Fixture
This picture shows that how to place nippers and
suction cups  to pick the Automotive Bumper.