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  eins Robot Chucking Parts

 eins1 sells Robot Chucking Parts of STAR SEIKI. Our supplier in Japan is a distributor of Star. eins has both traditional(old) star chucking parts and new designed chucking parts. Now Star adopts the combination of European and Japanese approaches on their EOAT fixture design.

We are pleased to be able to support you at your projects in selecting the proper parts to building your eoat fixture. Send your inquiry to"   [email protected]

MISUMI, SRP type Vacuum cups and Holders

​​​​Misumi SRPType
Vacuum cups
are identical
to Arogosys'
Suction cups.

We have 
different type
of holders
that can be
​used with cups

  MISUMI VP series Vacuum cups and Holders
  = PISCO VOP Series

MISUMI                                PISCO
VPA                               VPA
VPD                               VPD
Sponge Rubber PD.       VP Sponge     

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Yushin Robot EOAT
 Yushin Japan and Yushin America use different types of suction cup holders(Level Compensators). Ref: Suction cups. Both Yushin and Sailor are using same suction cups but differents suction cup holders. Sailor and Yuishin adopt different design apporaches to make
their EOAT fixtures. 
PISCO Pnematic,Equipment, Tubes, Fittings,Contollers, Vacuum Cups

  Degating air nippers : We supply both Vessel and "nile air tools".  ​​

Grippers : We stock both new and old styles.
Shock absorbers for robots; We suppy KYB and Fuji.

Sponge - face Vacuum cups : The EOAT picture shown above is usung "Sponge-Face" vacuum cups to pick the ring with deep grove in the middle.  - Our test kit for our customer.
PISCO e-Catalog
Pneumatic Devices
Sailor Robot Chucking Parts
Sailor Robots use the unique light U-channel, 1RU, to make their EOAT fixtures. Design concept and approaches are completely different from other robot suppliers. However,Sailor suction cups are same( interchangeable) as Yushin.                 Click download for Japanese  PDF catalog.
Sailor EOAT
Use Different Neck Lengths, Instead of strokes, is the unique
design of Sailor suction cup holders. Base section must be same in order to mount on U-channel.QUST-15 and QUST-20 are two holders with longer stroke.
 Suction Cup Holders
 De-gating Nippers: Sailor also uses both Vessel and "nile air tools" nippers.  We have suction cup adaptors to mount on HA-06J-20 and HA-06J-30 to mount on other type of Aluminum Profiles. So there are other types of suction cup holders can be used to maker Sailor EOAT fixtures. Question? call us at 408-229-9138

Convum Vacuum Cups

 Myotoku Japan makes CONVUM. Contact us for CONVUM Vacuum and Pnematic Products. ​Parker Vacuum Cups look identical to CONVUM products.
 How to make EOAT Fixtures: Inspect the molded plastic parts; Check the robot arm's loading capacity; Openning of mold.
Does the molded parts need de-gating?
Installed EOAT on robot arm, and use pendant to check "IN and Out" of mold 
clearance, etc.,

  Examples of EOAT Fixtures

Air Multi-purpose scissors
Versatile to cut a wide variety of materials such as light sheet metal, plastics, and carpet, etc​, More, click in air Scissor Button
Air Scissors
Click on Downlaod Buttons for online " nile"  catalog  
Nile PDF
Mounting on Robot Arm.
Slide and Cut Type Nippers
Clamp kit for Nile nippers
For mounting  on Robot Arm, "nile air tools" make Machine-Fitting types, round body, and Square body nippers. Depending on the shape of  "Sprue and Gate" we supply various cutting blades--standard and custome blades.​ More click on Merry-Tools button
 "nile air tools" makes three types of Slide and Cut nippers. SN and SNP Machine-Fitting; MG compact in size and light weight; ME type for larger gate. Browse
" for more information.
Our nipper clamp kits:
A. for 45 mm Grip Size: MR20M, GTNR20
B, for 56 mm Grip Size: MR30AM,GTNR30.
** Direct replacements of ASZ 20 KS and
ASZ 30 KS.
Argosys Robotics
Japanese EOAT
Air Fil-Saws
  • Cutting auto-panel, baffles and members etc
  • Cutting urethane bumpers
  • Finishing dies
  • Chamfering parts after machining
  • Deburring die-castings
Cable Stripper CST100
With one-touch operation, these cable strippers can strip power source cables, VA cables and multi-core cables
Air Shears
ASP Types( standard, AS & Heavy duty ASP)
Suitable to cut slim metal plates, plastic plates, wire, etc.,
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Air Heat-Cutters
AH Type
* Double-heater can set tmperature in wide range between 70 -      200 C degree to cut each resign gate at the most suitable temperature.
* 3 models of replaceqble blades are available to suite various  kinds of gate cuttting jobs. ​More, click o Air Heat cutter PDF
Air Heat Cutter
Air Cutters
Here is a wide range of "NILE" air cutters to help you achieve higher productivity and remarkable cost saving in cutting, squeezing, pressing, bending and punching jobs for modern industries.
Equipped with different types of replaceable cutting blades, these air cutters can be versatile for various applications. ​More, Click on Air Cutters, PDF
Air Cutters, ​PDF

Promotion and New Products

January 24, 2014

Star Grippers: We have CHK-CM22II-C and CHK-RN12-C in stock  --- only few piece left.
HARMO Grippers:HC20AP-S, HC20BP-S
"nile air nipper" MR35AM is more powerfull than MR30AM. "Click the Button" below to open up
NILE online PDF catalog. --- Check before you select the degating cutter on your next project.
Nile e-catalogue

​Promotions! Vesell,​Nile, Nipper Clamps​, and ​more!

​25 to 30% Off  -- Check this page every month for Bargain!

Part                   Quanitity                    Sale Price                      Remarks
GT-NT-10           6                                  ​$237.00                         Expired 8/1/17
​GT-NT10R         2                                  ​$237.00                         Expired 8/1/17
​GT-NT-20R        3                                  $270.2                           Listed, $386.00
​GT-NY-15          2                                  $252.00                         Expired 8/1/17
​GT-NF05           5                                  $200.00                         Expired 8/1/17
​GT-NT05           1                                  $200.00                         Expired 8/1/17
ASZ-20-KS        6                                  $30.00
​ASZ-30-KS        6                                  $32.00
​MR20MT           6                                  $150.00                     EXtra 5% off if you buy ASZ-20KS
​MR30AMT        6                                  $160.00                      Extra 5% off if you buy ASZ-30-KS
​MS20G              4                                  ​$115.00                       New products
​MS20V              3​                                   $115.00            Quick response, need 4-way valve
​We have some ODDS and ENDS nile and vessel blades at reduced prices. Just send un any inquiry.

Morali EOAT catalog (143 pages)         Click on Download for PDF files
Morali EOAT
 Morali Vacuum Systems catalog is 343 pages, we only focus on B-type.    ​ClicK on Morali Button, and ​look for  PIAB page