​Our Services: Assist customers to select the proper, nippers, Vacuum cups and level compensators. We work with Japanese and
​Germany suppliers,

​Visit: for selecting the Robotic End of Arm tooling components for your projects. ​This site is using to promote new products and some seasonal promotion items. ​Look for BARGAIN. ​This is  the place!
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  1. Wire and Cable Strippers
    Wire and Cable Strippers
    Cable Strippers, Cord Pusher(BN19), Jumbo Cutter(J0100) and Cable Strippers for wire harness.
HARMO cups, Suction cups and Grippers

 HARMO makes very high quality robots but
they did not sell many robots in North America. Our customers are mostly Japanese
​Injection molders.
  We stock HARMO vacuum cups and holders, grippers. Vessel and nile air tools nippers are commonly use by all Robotic End of Arm Tooling makers. We also suuply other HARMO accessories, such as tubes, barb fittings.  

Odds and Ends, BRANDS, NEWS

We would like to use this space for News Release   ---  New Products, New Applications, New Design Concepts, etc., Morali is our supplier for Vacuum Cups such as Generic PIAB, CONVYM, COVAL. PISCO and MORALI are our two Vaccum Systems related product suppliers. We are largest Nile Nippers distributors in the North Ammerica. We sell major Japnese brands chucking parts.
 All Japanese robots, and many robot companies use Nile and Vessel Nippers on  EOAT fixtures
  There are many vacuum cups manufacturers in the world, but we only sell those brands that are adopted by major robot companies.
 We have been in EOAT business for more than 20 years. We only sell high quality products.