​Promotion for 2018

​De-gating ​"Nile Nippers"  -- ​Promotion Prices

MR20M ​(body) ​ + ASZ 20 KS   =  $189.00
​MR30AM ​(body) + ​ASZ 30 KS =   $210.00
MR20MT ​(body) + ASZ 20-KS + WKA 20 50 = $199.00
​MR30AMT ​(body) + ASZ 30 KS + WKA 20 50 =$220.00

​MRM20MT replace MR20M; ​MR30AMT Replace MR30AM .
​MP35AM(body)  ​powerfull than  ​MR30AM.

​WKA 20 20 150 = ​$20.00

Warning ! ​Watch for "Fake" Nile Blades in the US market​​.​ Don't be fooled by​FAKES

Yushin Grippers
​P00033655, narow Jaw, $150.00; P00035785, wider jaw, $180.00. ​We have grippers with sensors.
ACS-20W, Double Action, $133.00;
ACS-40W, Double Action, $142.00.
Made by Yudo-Star
​ For Heavy Duty Applications.
​Vessel - Air Nippers
Nipper Fixture, KNF-01 and 02
​​We supply Vessel products.
​GT-NT10R, Special price,
​$350.00. (1) 
GT-NT10-6,$360.00, ( 4 pcs) for Promotion.

KNF Nipper Fixture assembly is the products of Yudo-Star. KNF-01 is  for MR20M, GT-NR20,45 mm body; KNF-02 is for MR30AM, GT-NR30, 56 mm body.
Square Air Cutters
The square body has many holes for setting bolts to be mounted on any machine or stands. MS20/MS30 type is shown at left cuttung gate. MS20G/MS30G type is shown at right. This is the new design  - no tool is needed for blade replacement. ​Both types use same blades. Blades for MS-G and MS-G are used in common with MR and MP series.
Air Shears
 AS100  ​(Standard), ASP 150 Heavy Duty
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nile air tools
 VAPH-60F-SP, Sponge Face cup
We have a set of dies to make sponge face cups, any size. Idea application is picking the vacuum formed food trays.
210889, Heavy duty Holder
We have various vacuum cup adaptors for using vacuum cup such as PIAB B75, silicone or NBR.
Flat Heavy Duty Vac-cup - More Vertical Lifting power.VAPH-60F
210889, Application
Flat cup does not flex. For lifting large molded part vertically, the flat cup provides more lifting power.

VAPH-60F-SP ( SP-60SR-SP) + 210889 (Star holder) for picking uneven object(Part). 
Star 210889 has many applications, We just show few application here.

Air Heat Cutters

AH Types: TRF 25; TRF 100D: HTR 1000W,.

 ​Due to the limitation of the space, the picture of HTR 100 W is not showing here:  HTR100W has two models: AH20 and AH30.

​Nile no longer makes AH110 and AH12 - hand-held types.

​The square body is easy  to be set on the stand or machinery.

​Heat cutter is suitable for cutting fragile materials such as
​Acryl/Glass fiber filled resin, etc.,

​For hand- free setup: use solenoid valve or foot-valve(FB70OS).

HTR100W use double-heater  - can set temperature in wide range
between 70 - 200 centigrade. 

​3 model of  replacement blades are available to suite various kinds of
​gate cutting jobs.

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